Monster Categorization

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The Halloween season is officially upon us, and I am just rip-roaring excited to collect this year’s completely unnecessary spooky merchandise.

In honor of this, the most fantastic holiday season, let’s talk about monsters a little more in-depth.…

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The Weirdest Dragons in Media

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Published: September 17th, 2019
Last modified: February 24th, 2021

Welcome! We will get started right at 10am. Please make sure you are connected to computer audio so that you can hear us! If you don’t see an icon next to your name in the Participants panel, go up to Audio > Audio Conference and click the “Join with Computer Audio” button.

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What Makes a Monster Scary

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Big teeth, big claws, and big glowing eyes should work, right?


Simply mashing together hyper-predatory traits isn’t scary. It’s just cool. A monster that can devour me in one bite may be threatening, sure, but it’s not frightening.…

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