What Makes a Monster Scary

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Big teeth, big claws, and big glowing eyes should work, right?


Simply mashing together hyper-predatory traits isn’t scary. It’s just cool. A monster that can devour me in one bite may be threatening, sure, but it’s not frightening.…

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Favorite Gen 1 Pokémon

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I love creature design, and few creatures are as famous and well-recognized as Pokémon.

I played Pokémon Blue on an original black-and-white GameBoy when I was a kid, and transferred my creatures forward to Pokémon Silver when it came out. I was heartbroken to learn that Silver and Gold were notorious for losing all save data after a long period of inactivity (which, to my understanding, is what sparked the release of SoulSilver and HeartGold), which meant that my very first Pokémon, a Venosaur not-so-creatively named “Viney” was lost to me forever, along with a then-ultra-rare shiny Golbat.…

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