Hi there! I’m Lukas, and welcome to MonsterBrainSoup.

I made this space to talk about the intersection of creativity, identity, and social expression. I want to start reclaiming the word “weird”. When I was a really small kid, “weird” was almost a compliment on someone’s uniqueness, but then it became shorthand for “I don’t like that, keep that away from me” and I quickly learned to stop doing things because it made other people dislike me. Self-consciousness, self-sabotage, perceived judgement, and crippling shame ruled my life for years and kept me from enjoying almost anything.

I’ve always felt out of place, but then again, who hasn’t?

As a child, I genuinely believed that I was a being from another world that accidentally ended up trapped here. I thoroughly believed that there was an entire unseen world of supernatural, fantastical, fairy-tale things just outside of my sight, and it frustrated me enormously. Experiences that make you feel unwelcome or alienated from other people tend to make us relate to monsters, robots, aliens and other things that exist outside the trappings of human society.

Alternative identities are just as meaningful and integral to us as the ones that we are “allowed” to express to normal people, so how can we make space for those bizarre, unloved parts of ourselves that don’t feel like they belong anywhere?

Goals of this website:
  • To share the artwork, writing, and ideas I create
  • To promote and encourage weird and unusual identities & self-expression
  • To create and inspire unfiltered, unashamed creative works of art, writing, hobbies, and interests
  • To introduce and inject supernatural magic and monstrous escapism into mundane life in a healthy and regulated way
  • To discover new and rediscover old ways to bridge the images of real and ideal self

Please note that I try to keep the content on this website roughly PG-13. However, this is not a website that is meant for kids. I talk about serious topics like mental health, my art and articles may have grotesque or disturbing imagery, and I write about controversial and opinionated topics such as personal identity. This is a personal website, not an informational resource, not a public service, and I might add or change content at ANY point that viewers, especially minors, might not want to see.

More about me:

  • 31 years old (born 1991)
  • Transmasculine agender
  • he/him/his OR it/its/its pronouns
  • Married since 2015 to the radiant Dan/Fawn
  • Born & raised in Western Massachusetts, USA
  • Associate’s Degree in Visual Arts, Digital Art concentration
  • Full-time Business/Data Analyst in my daily life
  • Aquarius sun, Capricorn moon, Cancer rising
  • MBTI personality: INTJ (The Architect)
  • Slytherin House

I identify myself to be a dragon and/or monster, not a human. I consider my body to be my human form, and while it’s fine to see in the mirror, I do experience the persistent desire to be in a physical form that better suits my self-image. If you are curious about this, feel free to read this page about my nonhuman identity.