Monstober 2019 – 31 Monster Design Prompts

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Published: October 1st, 2019
Last modified: September 11th, 2022

It’s here. It’s October. There are lots of great design and art prompts that circulate through social media during this month, like the famous Inktober which prompts you to draw 31 inked pieces, one each day.

I would like to present to you MonsterBrainSoup’s Monstober, 31 monster design prompts that can be “filled” in any way you desire – a written design description, a short story, artwork, a Pinterest aesthetic inspiration board, an edit/repaint of a figurine, or, really, any other form of creative expression.

These monsters do not have to be original characters, either! Feel free to use these as springboards for fanfiction/fanart as well. I would be delighted and thrilled to know that any of these inspired you in any way.

  1. An incarnation of your most prominent or irrational childhood fear
  2. An original “classic” slasher horror movie villain/creature or creepypasta character
  3. A stunningly handsome/beautiful – but still monstrous – monster
  4. An unusual were-creature or human-animal fusion (bonus points for invertebrates as the animal part)
  5. A creature animated or mutated from a single severed body part
  6. The thing that gives you recurring bad dreams (bonus points for capturing a nightmare or sleep paralysis creature that you’ve actually experienced)
  7. A creature that has been bred and domesticated to live with humans (bonus points for comparing it with its wild relative)
  8. A creepy haunted toy that isn’t a porcelain doll
  9. A creature that has inorganic or man-made parts built in to its body – e.g. glass, metal gears, plastic sheets
  10. Whatever it is that makes that one noise at night you pretend not to hear
  11. Something that camouflages itself in a busy city despite being fairly large
  12. Your imaginary friend who may have changed a bit since you last played with them
  13. A child’s drawing come to life
  14. It only moves when you aren’t looking (bonus points if it’s not a statue)
  15. An ancient god’s true form, be it mythological, eldritch, or totally original
  16. A creature that is adapted to live somewhere extremely toxic or dangerous
  17. Something that uses a particular mimicked sound to lure you closer
  18. A monstrous, “alpha”, “king”, or deity version of a normal animal
  19. A large creature that represents a disease, bacteria, or virus
  20. A parasite or “hermit crab” type creature that lives inside something unusual
  21. Something that looks like it should be living in the deep, dark ocean but is on land
  22. A thing that eats out of the trash in suburban neighborhoods
  23. An attempt to revive an extinct or alien creature from fragmented DNA samples
  24. A carnivorous plant that doesn’t have a giant fanged mouth
  25. It turns out that something normal and everyday is actually the egg or juvenile form of this
  26. Something that crawls out of the ocean on rare celestial occasions
  27. The thing that builds inviting-looking traps to entice a tired wanderer – these traps can be campsites, entire houses, a table laden with food, a comfy couch, etc.
  28. The guardian spirit of a location that you love or visit often (see: genius loci)
  29. A food item – or something that looks like a food item – that really wants to be eaten
  30. Your own personal Grim Reaper
  31. A god, spirit, or mascot that represents Halloween (similar to Santa Claus’ relationship to Christmas)

If you are inspired by any of these, please let me know! I would be very excited to see what you create, including NSFW content or content for fandoms I know nothing about.

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