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Last updated: November 22nd, 2021

Aerill is a fantasy setting and large world-building project that I have been working on for many years. Aerill is an entire alien planet with unique wildlife and biomes, and even though they aren’t native, humans attempt to live in this strange world. Aerill is home to sky pirates, dragon riders, ancient gods, underground cities, and an original form of magic called Darkwriting. This project is essentially my catch-all for creature design and world building, with the intention of creating an endlessly-developing, robust fantasy world.

Stories in Aerill focus on the relationships between humans and nature, especially animals. People in Aerill often have companion animals that are close spiritual friends as well as hunting pets or beasts of burden. Quests, journeys, adventures, and travels are also a major focus of Aerillian stories.

Aerill is presented in the form of a Wiki:



Darkwriting is Aerill’s system of magic. “Writing” refers to Aerill’s inherent laws of physics, and appears as golden-white streams of delicate script wrapping around, in, and between all things. Writing accumulates over time; the longer an object exists in the same state, the more Writing gets entangled with it, and the harder it becomes to Darkwrite over it. Darkwriting refers to the ability of some people to temporarily amend or alter the Writing, altering physics, behavior of inanimate objects, or even suggesting emotions or thoughts. Darkwriting is both an art and a study.


Short for “Etherials”, these are documented and known entities that do not fully occupy a tangible form – what we might call ghosts, spirits, gods, or fae. Therials dwell in places with powerful accumulations of Writing – large old trees, bodies of water, canyons, and mountains.


Bonds with animals are important and prevalent on Aerill; it is weird for anyone to NOT have a pet, mount, or animal companion of some kind. These companions are called kiyas, which refers to a deep spiritual connection to a living nonhuman creature.


Humans are not native to Aerill, but “normal” humans (called earthfolk) exist on Aerill, alongside magically Aerill-adapted humans called skyfolk, seafolk, treefolk, and sandfolk. In addition, there are non-human sapient races, including the quadrupedal dragon-like karnovas, the massive hulking owl-like Night-Eyes, the burly horned wolfish harrocks, and the lizard-like rastilians.

There are also artificial life forms on Aerill, known as greengears, which are created by “magic” (Darkwriting) out of metal clockworks combined with living plants.

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