Furcadia – Dragon Conservatory

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Last updated: September 23rd, 2022

“Dreams” are custom player-made worlds in the furry graphical chat MMO Furcadia, sort of the equivalent of custom/private chat rooms, except that you can control everything within them. I have been an avid Furcadia player since 2004. This page serves as an index of the Dreams I have created and have planned for Furcadia.

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A new take on “The Dragon Adoption Center”, this time themed more like an educational museum and interactive learning center than a pet adoption center.

Areas include a large, open indoor/outdoor conservatory, a café, gift shop, museum/educational area, and then several back-of-house areas such as a dragon nesting area, heated egg incubators, veterinary services, and enrichment activities.

Also features a large outdoor area where seasonal decorations, parties, and games are held.