Furcadia – Mountain of Fire

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Last updated: September 23rd, 2022

“Dreams” are custom player-made worlds in the furry graphical chat MMO Furcadia, sort of the equivalent of custom/private chat rooms, except that you can control everything within them. I have been an avid Furcadia player since 2004. This page serves as an index of the Dreams I have created and have planned for Furcadia.

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Concept artwork of the dragon species for this Dream

“Mountain of Fire” is the working title for a feral dragon roleplay Dream in Furcadia, composed of many separate outdoor areas instead of a single connected map.

Areas include a windswept meadow, volcanic barrens, old-growth forest, swamp, coniferous mountainside, and an enchanted cloud that can be walked upon, and also at least one unique cavern in each area.

Dragons can hunt using minigame-style button clicks, collect resources and craft objects to decorate their lairs, and battle using turn-based moves.

Every free species is replaced by a custom feral dragon avatar. 

Unfinished dragon avatars to replace the default Furcadia species