RELEASE: Dragon Builder Dollmaker

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I’m thrilled to finally announce the alpha release of my custom dollmaker game, Dragon Builder!

This tool lets you customize a dragon with different wings, colors, horns, markings, and tons of other parts. There are limited parts in many categories right now at release, but more components are being added regularly!…

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Webcomic Launch – Fear of Flying

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Today marks the launch of my webcomic project, Fear of Flying! To put it REALLY simply, Fear of Flying is about people who turn into dragons and then fight ghosts, the government, social injustice, and crippling social anxiety.

Update 10/19/2021: So sorry, but the plugin I was using to run the comic, Comic Easel, was causing issues on the site.

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Let’s get weird

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Hello! Welcome to MonsterBrainSoup. I’m Lukas, and this is my corner of the internet to talk about things that matter to me and share my art and creations.

I want to use this space to talk about alternative identities, self-expression, and ways to live in this world happily and healthily while still finding ways to be who you really want to be, even while that changes and evolves with you.…

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