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Last updated: September 11th, 2022

DreamWalk was a game design portfolio from my final year of college for a 2.5-D platformer in which you play as a housecat who, like all cats in this world, have the ability to “dreamwalk”, which allows them to traverse a dreamlike alternate reality.

The player will guide this small housecat through surreal platfoming levels based on various interpretations of the collective unconscious, dream world, spirit world or afterlife. The style is one of playful, surreal creepiness. An important gameplay element is seamlessness – “death” or failure in-game does not linger or break the flow by re-loading, but rather immediately deposits you at the start of your current challenge.

The DreamWalk world is inhabited by strange creatures, including saber-toothed cats as Grim Reapers, bird skull-headed cats as Angels, flame-headed cat spirits, and skeletal prey animals.