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Last updated: September 11th, 2022

“Ashali” is a game design project for a 3D action/adventure combat platformer game. Ashali is inspired by PlayStation 2 adventure/platformer games like Sly Cooper and Jak & Daxter. Players control a lioness warrior as she ventures through a colorful world of animal-people in her quest to become a legendary hero.


Ashali - Player Character

Member of the “Suncat” race of lion-people, where females are expected to be well-trained warriors and hunters.

Ashali herself is fiercely dedicated to training, to the point where she neglects her social life. She believes that most problems can be solved with strength, ferocity, or some combination of both. At the beginning of the story, she is chosen as her generation’s Sun Warrior, a special culture hero role that requires a rigorous test of fortitude and sacrifice. Ashali must journey far to the Great Sundial at the top of the highest mountain to commune with her patron deity and prove herself worthy as this generation’s Sun Warrior. Along the way, she will gain special powers that appear as glowing teal runes on her fur, allowing her to double-jump, run faster, glide, swim rapidly, and attack at a distance.


Ashali’s world is lush and wild, with strange wild animals and supernatural spirit-creatures roaming freely outside of the few, isolate animal-people towns. Technology is fairly minimal, and magic is handled with extreme caution, as it originates from the very same supernatural spirit-creatures that threaten people’s safety so frequently.

Each hub area is a small, open, non-combat area full of NPCs and collectibles, each with access to 4 linear levels. The levels can be completed in any order, at which point the hub’s boss will unlock, and must be defeated in order to progress to the next hub. Each hub is connected via a climbing and zip-lining sequence, which may require the player to dodge obstacles or attack enemies at high speed.

Hub #1: The Savannah & City of the Suncats (Lion-people)

Hub #2: The Jungle & Village of the Treecats (Leopard-people)

Hub #3: The Seaside & Citadel of the Seahunters (Shark-people)

Hub #4: The Desert & Caverns of the Stonefooted (Lizard-people)

Hub #5: The Mountains & Cliffs of the Skywatchers (Eagle-people)

Final Boss Arena: The Great Sundial

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