• Pronouns: it/its or he/him
  • Species: Dragon
  • Age: ~650 years
  • Elemental Alignment: air/cloud/storm/sky

Arkus is a difficult character to explain, because he isn’t really a character; he’s me. Arkus is a representation of my “higher self”, a sort of spiritual self-portrait.

He is a blue, grey, and black dragon with a burly, tiger-like build

and a mixture of feathers and scales on his body. He does not have his own story or origins because he and I are the same.

He is heavily associated with the sky, weather, clouds, and storms. Clouds and weather “reflect” on the underside of his wings, and he breathes out chilly white fog. He can sculpt thunderstorms and St. Elmo’s fire, speak with animals, plants, and spirits, and cares deeply for the balance of the natural world. By nature he is something of a a hermit, and prefers quiet solitude at the peaks of high mountains.

I both “talk” to and “become” Arkus at various times. He serves as my reliable way to re-introduce myself to art-making if I fall out of it for a while, and he is also my means of communicating with spirituality. I draw him very often, and my artwork of Arkus is often somewhat devotional or metaphorical.

He is my guardian angel, my spirit guide, my patron deity, my Other self, and my true spiritual and artistic being. I guess you could call him the Yami to my Yugi, if that’s not too overwhelmingly dorky.

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