Social Media

My Sweetie


Twitter – @curiousfawnart

Creative Mediums

Furcadia – free downloadable MMOSG where you can create custom isometric pixel art worlds

Manyland – free browser-based game where you can create side-scrolling infinite pixel art worlds

Twine – free downloadable open-source tool for creating interactive non-linear stories that can be published on websites

Alternative Identities

Alt+H – The Alterhuman Advocacy Group – site dedicated to advocacy for people who identify outside the normal definitions of “human”

Orion Scribner aka Frameacloud – writer and artist who creates comics about being otherkin

Skin Deep – fantasy webcomic about magical creatures who hide in human form

My Favorite Creators & Artists

Ibby Wondrous – Twitter, Tumblr

Jonathon Wojcik aka Bogleech – Website, Tumblr

David  Romero aka Cinemamind – Tumblr, DeviantART

Trevor Henderson aka Slimyswampghost – Website, Twitter