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Furcadia is a free-to-play graphical MMOSG that uses isometric pixel art graphics and allows users to create robust custom world maps. Please note that you will not be able to read/edit these files without the Furcadia FOX Editor (or, the old Furcadia FSH Editor, in the case of the Vintage Collections).

Within each .zip is a “raw” FSH file with no FBJ properties. The intention is that you will copy + paste the art into your own Dream’s patch file. Please click here for Furcadia’s official guide to working with custom patches.

Vintage Collection: Nature

Trees, plants, rocks, water.

Download .zip (217kb)

Vintage Collection: Furniture

Chairs, tables, cushions, staircases.

Download .zip (90kb)

Vintage Collection: Decoration

Lights, statues, plushies, and other misc decorative objects.

Download .zip (116kb)

Vintage Collection: Food

Meals, cakes, pies, drinks, and desserts.

Download .zip (9kb)