WingBeats Racing

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Last updated: November 22nd, 2021

WingBeats is a game concept for an aerial, flight-based multiplayer racing game. Players choose from a roster of cartoon dragon-like characters called VelocityRaptors (get it, like velociraptor, but related to speed).

Gameplay is competitive combat racing through canyons, beaches, forests and tunnels, avoiding obstacles and taking advantage of forked and branching pathways. Characters vary in weight and aerodynamics, making some of them excellent at taking tight turns, bashing into each other, or diving.

Influences include Crash Team Racing, Mario Kart, PenPen Trilcelon, Mad Dash Racing, and Cel Damage.

All of the characters are personalities, over-acted, like professional wrestlers.


Jet is a blue-and-white Velocityraptor who dresses like an aviator, with a fur-trimmed leather jacket, goggles, and a scarf.