Sky Terrarium Pet Care Game

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Last updated: February 24th, 2021

Sky Terrarium is a mobile game design project inspired by cute, casual games like Neko Atsume and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, but mostly, the now-defunct and mostly lost  2004-2006 screensaver/game AniDragon

Each player starts off with a small floating sky-island with a few basic, random resources on it. Players harvest resources from the environment, construct amenities that attract cute dragon-like creatures, and then collect energy from the creatures, which can be used to expand and decorate the island, modify and add resources, and build more complex amenities. Different types of dragons will be attracted to the island based on the amenities players have placed there, and leave different types of energy in exchange. Turn a sparse island into a lush, developed place for all of these cute dragons to visit.


  1. Collect resources from environment
  2. Build amenities with resources
  3. Dragons are attracted to amenities on your island, spend time there, and during their stay, leave energy
  4. The more time a dragon spends, the more energy they leave
  5. Energy is used to adjust the island environment/terrain and build more complex amenities

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