Furcadia – Matariki Resort

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Last updated: September 23rd, 2022

“Dreams” are custom player-made worlds in the furry graphical chat MMO Furcadia, sort of the equivalent of custom/private chat rooms, except that you can control everything within them. I have been an avid Furcadia player since 2004. This page serves as an index of the Dreams I have created and have planned for Furcadia.

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Matariki waitstaff

Matariki is a Bohemian-inspired tropical resort with public and private areas that are each thematically decorated. It is meant to be a relaxing, soothing, and stress-relieving place to be, both in and out of character.

Areas include an indoor/outdoor swim-up cave bar, a spa with crystals and succulents and indoor waterfalls, hiking paths through the jungle and mountain caves, an open-air restaurant on the beach, an escape room, a buried treasure game, a scavenger hunt. There are small private rooms for every staff member for immersive roleplay, and staff-only areas and hallways. Each and every “room” is a unique experience, including a glamping campsite on the beach, a tree house in the jungle, a waterfall cave in the mountains, a wooden ship on the ocean, and even an entire private island.


Smuggler’s Cave Bar – pirate-themed bar in a fake cavern with an indoor/outdoor pool swim-up bar

Waterfalls Spa – an outdoor spa surrounded by waterfalls