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Kay Delaney

Kay is our first-person protagonist – a depressed millennial who already feels like his life is over. He was born in 1995, the same year that Aether began to leak into our world.

Kay really just wants other people to tell him what to do with his career, his school, and everything else. He hates making decisions and feels tremendous anxiety at the idea of choosing his own path, and constantly self-doubts about whether something was the “right” decision.

He would love it if some amazing, clear, and obvious destiny would simply magically appear in front of him.

Raised by a loving but overprotective single dad, Kay moved to Cincinnati to make a halfhearted attempt at developing independence. He works as an office assistant doing data entry and making phone calls.

His favorite color is purple. His favorite music is acoustic rock. He’s a Libra but doesn’t care about astrology.