A grumpy little fella named Kay

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A grumpy little fella named Kay

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I take this path home from work every day. It’s usually pretty quiet. There’s always that fun risk of being randomly mugged but at least I don’t have to steer through crowds of people. Hey, at least if I get mugged, I’ll have a good excuse to stay home from work for a few days.

Did you know Cincinnati was halfway through building a subway system in the 20’s, but it was abandoned? Really neat and creepy. I pass by one of the barricaded entrances on this walk. It’s just these big metal doors slapped over a cracked concrete tunnel. They’re always covered in fun graffiti. Every now and then the lock gets busted by someone or it rusts enough for them to replace it. I’ve always been curious and jealous of all those urban explorers on YouTube, but also way too afraid of ending up spit-roasted by a lost race of underground subway-dwelling cannibals.

I, uh... I watch a lot of bad horror movies.

Well, today, that big metal door was open.

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