Back to normal, right?

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Back to normal, right?

 Now Playing: Shatter Me - Lindsey Stirling feat. Lzzy Hale

- that was weird.

(Hey, this song wasn't on this playlist...)

My hand felt a little bit tingly, but that's all. Also, the weird glowing ball thing was completely gone without a trace. So now I was just a weird kid standing in an off-limits area staring at my hand and possibly having vivid hallucinations.

It was definitely time to move along.

What was that, though? Could that have been a ghost or one of the other crazy things you might see in abandoned places? I'd never had any kind of aether sickness before. I felt really violated at the idea. Despite my social awkwardness and anxiety, I'd always thought myself to be... well, better than that. Getting your head screwed with by ghosts was for people with really poor self-care, or, I dunno, addictions and such.

I could only hope that this would never come up again and I'd forget all about it soon.

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