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What can I do with the generated image?

You may use your generated dragon image in any non-commercial way you desire. This means you cannot sell the artwork or claim it as you own. You may use it as a reference for a character, social media avatar, and/or place it in a banner or signature image.

You may post the generated image to your social media, but you may not upload it to art gallery websites (e.g. deviantART, Pixiv), which would be to falsely claim that you created the artwork.

Please link back to my website at https://www.monsterbrainsoup.com anywhere you display the generated dragon image. You may modify the artwork and post your modified version but you must credit the original base artwork back to me.

How does this work?

The Dragon Builder uses the HTML5 Canvas feature and JavaScript to run. There are more than 25 individual, hidden HTML5 Canvas elements that are drawn, cleared, and combined together using JavaScript and then converted into a single PNG image.

The Dragon Builder is responsive and should work on any relatively modern phone, tablet, computer, or mobile device.

If your browser does not support HTML5 or JavaScript (or if you have a script blocker on), you will not be able to use the Dragon Builder.

Known Issues

On some browsers/operating systems (including iPad), the dragon image does not automatically re-generate when the pieces load.

On desktop browsers, the browser tab may remain in a perpetual loading state due to the image getting caught in a reload loop.

If you discover any issues or glitches with the Dragon Builder, please email me at monsterbrainsoup@gmail.com.