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8/28/2020 – added arcane fire wings, re-ordered layers so that jaw decor and fangs are in the correct position, and finalized jaw decor (spikes, feathers, goatee, fur, fur+goatee)

8/19/2020 – added 3 new wing styles – feather-edged, mini feather, and mini bat; added the first spine decor, fin; added the first two jaw decors, fin and beard

8/17/2020 – created separate menu for whiskers and separated them into two layers, so that the rear whisker is behind other parts; added placeholder menus for fangs and shoulder decoration; working on issue wherein the long manes cover the belly (separating the mane into two layers, a rear and front)

8/14/2020 – added a bunch more eye colors, bringing the total available eye colors up to 22

8/13/2020 – alpha release ready, all current pieces work, menu tab structure working – dragon image auto-generates on PC and Android, user must click “generate” multiple times on iOS; there are currently 27 main colors, 24 marking styles, 5 manes, 1 horn style, 1 leg decoration style, 2 ear styles, 2 wing styles, 3 tail decoration styles, 10 eye colors, 5 belly styles, and zero spine decoration styles.

7/29/2020 – log page created, pre-alpha build already under construction