“Adoptables” are a popular concept in the furry art community. These are pre-drawn character designs that you can claim design ownership of, and you receive the pre-drawn image for use. Adoptables are often designed in a sheet, meaning each set is a series of recolors using the same lineart. Adoptables can be an appealing alternative to commissions because they are artist-generated ideas and are typically more affordable than a custom commission.

What you get when claiming an adoptable

  • Exclusive lifetime access to the high-quality transparent PNG of the character/design (if you ever lose it, email me and I will send you a new copy – I may need to verify that it’s actually you if you are no longer using the original account you claimed the design as)
  • Rights to use and edit the design for non-commercial purposes; commission art of the character, create them a webpage, get a fursuit made based on them, etc.
  • Rights to use the artwork provided for non-commercial purposes; use it as your character’s main image, crop it for icons, turn it into a background or banner

What you don’t get when claiming an adoptable

  • Rights to re-sell the artwork (even if you edit it)
  • Rights to claim the artwork as your own (even if you edit it)
  • You do not become the “creator” or the “designer” of the character (even if you edit it)
  • Rights to use the character as a commercial icon, mascot, logo, or brand

If you wish to transfer or sell an adoptable, you may only do so ONCE and then you forfeit your rights to the design. You may not “give out” multiple copies of a design and also keep it for yourself. You may give it to one person and then you no longer have it. Please update me if this happens so that I can register the design with the new owner and provide them with backup copies of the artwork if needed.
If you wish to SELL an adoptable I made, you may not sell it for more than you purchased it for. If it was a free adoptable, you cannot try to sell it for money. If it was a $5 adoptable, you may sell it for $5 or less, but you may not earn a profit off of my designs.

Anyone who is naughty, disrespectful, or otherwise a jerk with my artwork will be blacklisted and blocked on all platforms and will no longer be welcome to engage with my art or interact with me in any way. My followers are highly discouraged from associating with anyone who is blacklisted/blocked.

Sabertoothed Cat Anthro Minis – December 2019

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“Doggons” Dragon-Dogs – February 2020

  1. @PupKirkway on Twitter
  2. @zombiegirl1349 on Twitter
  3. @chocolatechakat on Twitter
  4. @Grigsexual on Twitter
  5. @StupidTrashCat on Twitter
  6. earmuff_girl on Instagram
  7. @snepferret on Twitter
  8. @Lazynsaur on Twitter
  9. 401alyssarose on Instagram
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